duminică, 25 aprilie 2010

Scripture reading

I remember a sermon of Father Irineu Curtescu from Antim Monastery, in a Sunday evening. Father said that it is not good to read the newspapers, which contain more gossip, or to look at news. The best would be to read the Scripture daily. Father said: "There, in the Bible, God, our daddy, speaks us, and what could be more interesting and more beautiful on this world? How to let your daddy for some news that if it really counts, anyway you will hear from the others? "

And really, what could be more beautiful than to read the history of God's love for people? Gospels are true balm for wounded souls, for those who wander among the temptations of contemporary life, for the sad and happy ones, the poor and rich, for the simple or wise.

For "this is eternal life: to know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent." (Gospel of John 17.3)

The original article, in Romanian, is here.

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